Kia Ora, Welcome!

My passion is to help you to experience the life-changing and affirming benefits of Counselling, PSYCH-K®, Personal Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Together we can discuss which specific modalities will best suit your current needs and look at ways I can best support you in moving forward and living your best life.

Along the way you gain awareness and insights, learn new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, become empowered and in control of your own life! You will learn new skills and develop new resources that you will be able to call on for the rest of your life.

About Me

I am Dolly Young. I work as a Counsellor, Personal Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and PSYCH-K® Practitioner. My training, skills and life experience enable me to work alongside you as you heal old wounds and let go of the past, identify and remove limiting beliefs, overcome challenges, set goals and define your life purpose. In doing so, you can discover what is important to you now, connect truly with yourself and with others, and live an amazing and fulfilling life.

I value people, their passions, their interests, their desire to live their best life. I offer a variety of resources and skills along with myself and what I bring, to work with you in an holistic henvironment of compassion and empathy, safety and confidentiality, acceptance, support, curiosity, growth and healing, validation and fun!!

Therapeutic Approach

I endeavour to work holistically, providing: