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‘Find Your Freedom’

Are you feeling stuck, stressed, confused, anxious, depressed?
Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from moving forward and living your best life?
Are you behaving in ways that hold you back and stop you achieving your goals?
Are you seeking clarity around your values, goals, purpose in life?
Are you after phenomenal coping skills, techniques and strategies in order to make positive changes in your life?

Dolly Young Trauma | Stress | Anxiety | Depression | Grief | Bereavement | Blocks | Confidence | Self-Esteem | Remove Limiting Beliefs | Personal Growth and Development | Conflict and Struggle | Fears and Phobias | PublicSpeaking | Exams | Divorce and Separation

I am also contracted to EAPworks and OCP to provide EAP counselling.
I am an ACC registered provider for survivors of sexual trauma

It’s not easy when life throws us challenges. It can feel like a constant struggle, it can hurt, and throw us into confusion. It can feel very lonely and isolating. You desperately want things to change, for life to be more affirming and enjoyable, and to have fun!

I would love to invite you to embark on a phenomenal and transformative journey of self-discovery, awareness, healing, balance and integration of mind, body and spirit. In other words, to Find Your Freedom!